* NEWS * - "Whatdaya Say" to be featured in the movie "On The Wing" (read more) 

"On The Wing" (a Jerry Casagrande film) starring Shirley Jones and Corbin Bernsen, coming out soon, will feature a song I wrote with Shantell Ogden and Dayna Shereck called "Whatdaya Say", performed by the super talented Olivia Frances. Super excited about being able to share this news and this now makes my 10th overall TV & Film placement which makes it a little more special for me.  :) 
Check out the official website for "On The Wing" here: On The Wing Movie

Check out the lyric video below: 

THIS idea is something that could help Country music & Music Row ... I think!  

One day I'd like to see a Mass Roundtable Pitch Meeting set up on the row where Various publishers, Artists & Label heads/producers/A&R folk are invited to listen to songs picked at random, but blind, can only listen... No writers information, no publishing info, just the songs!! If that were to happen then I bet some more lesser known writers & pubs would get holds or possible cuts! Sometimes I think Artists & Labels can be influenced by the names of the writers & publishers instead of truly listening to the songs. Listen to the songs folks, that's what really should matter. That's what I think